Cleaning and Maintenance

Powder coating refines and protects the surfaces of steel and aluminium. This protection can be strengthened and maintained over the long period through good maintenance and cleaning. Here are some maintenance tips that will help you keep your ILESTO products looking new for years.

Your ILESTO product should be thoroughly cleaned twice a year: with water using a pH-neutral detergent. Never use abrasive cleaners, rough sponges or cleaners containing solvents.

If the garden products are maintained according to these cleaning instructions, ILESTO grants a 20-year guarantee on the surface coating, considering the guaranteed conditions.

For light dirt: (street dirt, pollen, etc.), use only clean water with gentle, neutral cleaning agents that are free of abrasives. Neutral cleaners with a pH value between 5 and 8 should be used. This will also remove oil and grease as well as light deposits of pigment dirt.

The surface temperature should not exceed 25°C during cleaning.

ATTENTION: Never clean under direct sunlight. Immediately after each cleaning process, rinse with clean, cold water.

In the case of heavy soiling: – e.g., soot – neutral cleaners are used in combination with abrasives.

Abrasives are insoluble particles that are contained in various cleaners and polishes. These abrasive particles can consist of marble powder, quartz, chalk, magnesium, or pumice powder. Due to preservation, dirt cannot form a firm bond with the coated surface and only adheres slightly.


Special care should be taken when using sunscreen products (suntan lotions, sun creams, etc.). As was published in test reports some years ago, sunscreen has a harmful effect in combination with car paints – this generally applies to surface coatings of aluminium or steel. Anyone who has applied sunscreen should take care not to leave a greasy film on the coated surfaces with their hands, especially in the case of intensive sunlight. If parts of the cream are burnt into the coating, often only an expensive professional reprocessing or replacement will help. Ambient air containing salt water and/or sand, aggressive and abrasive cleaning agents, road salt, fertilisers, and other chemical substances (never store products in the open) can attack the paint and zinc surfaces and lead to rust damage. Warranty claims can no longer be made in such cases.