The Colours for your ILESTO Garden Shed and Garden Box

The ILESTO garden products are currently available in the colours  Anthracite ( charcoal grey)  and  Silver metallic.

For some, this selection probably seems rather unsatisfactory, as we are now used to getting many products in a whole range of colours. However, we made a conscious decision against using many colours for our products.

Style and timeless design is very important to us, and the finished product should be as high-quality as the material of your garden shed and the garden box. Instead of bright yellow or apple green, you can order our products in the calm and elegant colours of  anthracite or  metallic silver .

We are constantly working on the further development of our products and looking for suitable and new trends. It is therefore quite possible that we will soon be offering our garden products in other colours – but it will probably not be bright yellow.