The Concrete Foundation – The Classic

The concrete foundation certainly requires the most effort but offers a stable base for all garden houses! Self-made (Wo) Men take note, here are the instructions:

Dig out the soil to a frost-proof depth. (around 60 cm). Length and width depend on the shed purchased:

1.Dimensions for concrete foundation Johnny: 1900x1900mm

2.Dimensions for concrete foundation John: 2300x2300mm

2.Time for gravel – in the truest sense of the word! A compacted ballast bed (grain size up to 35mm) represents the substructure.

3.This is followed by an approx. 5 cm high levelling fill. (Grain size up to 6 mm)

4.Do not forget the vapour barrier – which must NOT overhang the foundation – in the form of a suitable plastic foil. (min. 150µm)

5.Pour the concrete foundation with at least one layer of structural steel mesh. It must be at least 15-20 cm deep.

6.After this is dry, you lay the floor frame and set up your garden shed according to the assembling instructions.