We give you 20 years warranty on your garden shed and storage box from ILESTO in good conscience. We can do this because we put great emphasis not only on the design, but also on the quality. Of course, there are also conditions for the warranty – these are listed on our page about the warranty and inserted here again.

Excluded from the warranty conditions are our spare parts and accessories. For these, the usual 2-year warranty applies.

Warranty Conditions:

ILESTO GmbH (in short ILESTO) grants the buyer – in addition to the legal warranty claims he is entitled to against the seller – a claim according to the following conditions for orders of new products:

1) Duration and Commencement

The warranty shall be granted for a period of 20 years and shall commence on the date of the purchase invoice. Warranty services and replacement deliveries do not extend the warranty, nor is a new warranty initiated.

2) General Conditions

The condition for claiming this warranty is that the purchase should have done directly from ILESTO or an authorized distributor in an EU country and the installation of the goods in the country of the order. The presentation of the invoice is a prerequisite for claiming. The warranty is valid only if the product is assembled according to the enclosed instructions and if it is used for the intended purpose of storing garden tools, garden furniture, bicycles, etc. No warranty can be accepted if the products have been disassembled and reassembled once.

3) Scope of Warranty

ILESTO will provide warranty for sheet metal & aluminium parts that are unusable due to poor workmanship or are not for their intended use or bleached parts that have rusted through. It is imperative to follow the appropriate care instructions. ILESTO will provide free repair or replacement (at our own discretion) of defects in materials or workmanship for normal private use. The customer shall bear the costs of labour and transportation associated with the replacement. ILESTO reserves the right to take ownership of the replaced parts, otherwise they must be disposed of by the customer at his own expense. We do not assume any liability for possible consequential damages.

A further prerequisite is the complete payment of the fee and all additional costs by the customer and the immediate assertion of the warranty claim.

4) Warranty is excluded under the following circumstances:

In the following cases ILESTO does not assume any warranty:

– Damage in transit unless it is the first delivery to the Customer.

– External impact, extraordinary natural events (e.g., hail)

– General assembly defects

– For rubber and plastic parts, the warranty is excluded

– Defects in the foundation, lack of anchoring, unsuitable place of installation

– Water ingress

– Paint damage and scratches if it is a manufacturing defect

– Insufficient maintenance and disregard of the maintenance instructions

– If the product is placed in an environment where there is increased humidity or where there are substances in the environment that are excessively stressful to the material (salt, sand, aggressive and abrasive detergents, fertilizers, other chemical substances, etc.)

– Placing products up to 300 m from the seacoast may cause damage to the material, warranty is expressly excluded.

– General signs of wear (e.g., hinges)

– Colour changes, as dyes can change over time

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