Your ILESTO garden shed on a gravel bed with concrete slabs – inexpensive, without concrete!

Concrete slabs laid in a gravel bed is the ideal base for ILESTO floor frames! You can also set up your John-Boy, Johnny or John without a frame, but we do not recommend this for stability reasons.

The Procedure::

1.Dig out a good 10 cm of soil on your plot.

ATTENTION: Please pay attention to unevenness. The excavated ground must be level. Length and width depend on the garden shed purchased.

2.Now fill half of the pit with gravel.

3.Place a plastic sheet cut to size on the gravel bed. The foil must not protrude beyond the gravel bed.

4.Now fill everything up to 3 cm below the top edge with fine gravel. Spread it evenly and make sure it is horizontal.

5.Lay concrete slabs in the gravel bed and set them up. (You can get the concrete slabs at any hardware store).

Now it’s time to get down to business! Attach the aluminium floor frame according to the assembling instructions and erect your new garden shed. (Also works without a floor frame – an absolute flat surface level is a prerequisite).