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We at ILESTO summer houses and bearing boxes not only on design, but also pay attention to the best quality.

The question can be answered clearly with YES . Especially when it comes to free lawns. If the autumn leaves remain there, the lawn underneath could rot over the winter – this must be prevented. As harmful as it can be for the meadow, the leaves can be useful for certain areas in the garden, because:

  • Foliage is the best natural fertilizer
  • can serve as a shelter for animals
  • can be used as frost protection for plants
  • and much more.


Which devices make it easier to collect leaves?

First of all, the foliage must be collected, and it must be done as effectively as possible. Leaf blowers and leaf blowers have been offered for many years. Of course, this type is supposedly the most pleasant and uncomplicated. But be careful! On the one hand, the acquisition is cost-intensive, on the other hand, such devices have far-reaching consequences. In addition to the noise pollution, leaf blowers cause massive dust pollution and are anything but optimal for your health. In many places there are also bans on such devices. In addition to leaves, leaf vacuums also suck in many garden protégés, which should definitely be avoided.

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