ILESTO Garden Sheds – Base Frames

LESTO Base Frames for Garden Sheds

With our floor frame, you can also place your John, Johnny or John Boy garden shed comfortably and without any foundation on your lawn or in your paved driveway.

190,40 238,00 

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  • 190x118x213
  • 190x190x213
  • 226x226x213

Aluminium base frame for your Ilesto garden sheds.

The base frame compensates for slight bumps and ensures a certain stability of your garden shed.

ILESTO Base Frames for Garden Sheds

The Base plate is Waterproof and is also protected against corrosion which guarantees long viability.

Choose the size

Dimensions & storage space - 190x118x213
Dimensions & storage space - 190x190x213
Dimensions & storage space - 226x226x213

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